The Purpose

What makes this or that person tick? Why believe this over that? How does Buddhism compare to Christianity? Perhaps more importantly, how does Buddha compare to Jesus? Did Buddha ever exist? Is it an “either or”? Why or why not? What was Confucius ultimately getting at? If so, what does that mean in the great scheme of things? How do Far Eastern religions view evidence? Where’s the line where evidence ends and faith begins? Can faith exist without evidence?

Those are thoughts that motivate me. And since it seems that the attitude of a successful apologist is that he or she genuinely cares about the people who are the aim of their efforts, it’s only right to investigate, compare, contrast, debate, and learn from the teachings that they hold dear. And, indeed, that’s why I have set up this small blog and will be posting content to it: to help me understand the religious thoughtlife of the people who I encounter on a daily basis living in the Far East. Yet, ultimately, I aim to show how that through all the religious traditions and the superstitious mire that taints the history of the nations of the Far East, God has not left Himself without a witness. Yes, that witness is a lone, dim lantern, but it still shines. He has never forgotten about its people either. In fact, the facts might just show they are an intricate part of His Plan.

Here I’ll be posting exclusive translations and tidbits on these subjects for your consideration. You’ll hear from the frontline — from Buddhists, Daoists, and others of all degrees of sincerity and how they relate and/or compare with the claims of Jesus and Christianity.

Welcome! Let’s learn together…

Joshua Warren

editor / translator Red Lantern Resources


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